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Career Foundations II

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


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Career Foundations II

Organizational Effectiveness is pleased to announce that the Career Foundations workshop has been re-designed to better meet the career development needs of University of Minnesota employees.  To designate this change, the workshop has been renamed Career Foundations II.

Career Foundations II is a career development workshop for University of Minnesota employees who want to grow in their jobs or apply their skills to another unit/department, or to help them make difficult career decisions.

The re-design includes moving from two half-days of classroom to one half-day, with an equal amount of online pre-work learning.  This allows participants more time for interactive experience in the classroom.

In the new format, participants will complete pre-work including:

  • Watch the "MBTI" Instructional Video
  • Complete three exercises
  • Complete career assessments on-line (MBTI Step II-Q, Strong Interest Inventory)
Classroom activities will include:
  • Receiving the Interpretation Report for both assessments
  • Participating in individual and small group exercises to enhance learning and application

There is a $61.00 fee for the MBTI and Strong assessments for this course.  Fees must be paid 5 days before the workshop.  Payment of fees and completion of assessments is a requirement for attending the workshop.

Career Next Steps

Watch for future dates.

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Career Next Steps

Have you recently attended a Career Foundations workshop and are asking, “Now what? How do I take all this information and apply it to my career?"

If you want coaching on how to apply what you have learned, need guidance, resources, and/or are indecisive, plan to attend the “Next Steps” Coaching Session. It may be that your thinking has evolved and new priorities have emerged.

This workshop is open to those who have already taken Career Foundations II.