University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Providing Feedback

Provide ongoing, constructive feedback. Performance happens continuously, and feedback should be offered regularly as well. Find someone doing something right!

Supervisors should have ongoing communication, both written and verbal, with staff. Advantages include:

  • It enhances supervisor and employee trust and respect
  • It helps employees see the process as more fair
  • If an employee has a shortcoming, there is a chance to improve and be rewarded for that

Written documentation is also important. Supervisors should keep performance files for each employee. This is important because:

  • The total performance review cycle is represented, not just the few weeks before the review
  • It helps the supervisor remember key events
  • Should disciplinary action become necessary, it is essential to provide written documentation of events

Reminders about providing feedback:

  • Employees thrive on recognition for good work
  • Be forthright and honest
  • Give employees an opportunity to change behaviors and improve performance
  • Deal with the small problems now to avoid big ones later
  • No surprises!