University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Operations Center Relocation

As part of Vice President Brown’s OHR strategic plan to consolidate OHR operations, and in line with President Kaler’s expectations for the highest standards of operational excellence, the OHR Operations will be consolidated into one physical space in West Bank Office Building (WBOB).

The OHR Operations Center, comprised of the Job Center, Graduate Assistant Employment Services, Classification and Compensation, Payroll, and HRMS, are now all located in WBOB. (The Job Center, Graduate Assistant Employment Services, and Classification and Compensation moved from the Donhowe Building to WBOB on September 28, 2012.)

With the move to WBOB, the following services were impacted:
  • Bi-weekly paycheck pickup will happen at WBOB, each pay date. The October 3 pay date was the last paycheck pickup from Donhowe. We encourage you to sign up for direct deposit if you have not yet done so. Employees can visit Employee Self Service to make that election.
  • Foreign national employee payroll processing will occur at WBOB. Appointments for this service are still arranged through the OHR Call Center at (612) 625-2016.
  • Applicant coaching and information services will take place at WBOB. Computer kiosks will be available for applicants to view and apply for University employment opportunities.
  • Graduate and undergraduate student employment assistance and information will be available at WBOB. 
The campus mailing address for the Classification and Compensation and the Job Center staff has been changed so if you plan on sending any documents, such as JEQs or background checking information, please use the following address:

OHR Operations Center
545 WBOB
Mail Code 7534A

The mailing address for the Operations Center is:
660 WBOB
1300 South 2nd Street
Minneapolis, MN 55454

Thank you very much for your patience during this time of transition. If you need assistance, please contact the OHR Call Center at (612) 625-2016.