University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

"Without Salary" Term Faculty Appointment Letter Checklist (For persons outside the University when this appointment is the person's primary relationship with the University)

The following provisions should be incorporated into the appointment letter:

  1. University job title and corresponding job code---NOTE: When using the title in presentations, publications, business cards, etc., it is expected that the full title including prefixes (e.g., adjunct, clinical) would be used. The title should only be used when conducting University business, or when providing a summary of work experience. Other information/guidelines on the appropriate use of the faculty title may be provided by the appointing department;
  2. Working job title, if different from the University job title;
  3. Employee ID;
  4. Specific University of Minnesota college/campus and department/division for this position;
  5. Statement that the appointment is a “without salary” term faculty position;
  6. Percent time of appointment, where appropriate;
  7. Appointment type;
  8. Appointment term (length of appointment) including beginning and ending dates;
  9. Reference existence of electronic Notice of Appointment accessible at; notice should be consistent with the terms of this appointment letter;
  10. Listing of appropriate Privileges/Benefits
  11. General position responsibilities and performance expectations;
  12. Indicate that employee must continue to comply with any and all licensing, certification, work eligibility, and other requirements of the position;
  13. Other provisions (e.g., computer);
  14. Indicate that use of information/data and information technology resources and systems for personal gain or personal business is prohibited.
  15. Signature of authorized hiring authority; and
  16. Signature of the employee accepting the term and conditions of the position as described in the letter.