University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Appendix D: 'No Search' Hire Approval and Routing

'No Search' hires (exceptional, spousal/partner, and current employee to a new position) should follow this procedure:

1) The requisition with a ‘no search’ strategy is initiated and entered into the online employment system in the same manner as other searches.

2) Before the requisition is entered into the employment system, all final college/administrative unit approvals must be received.

3) The candidate’s gender and ethnicity must be included within the “Notes/History” section of the requisition. This information is required so the EOAA office will know the demographic information for each candidate before the ‘no search’ hire is approved.

4) Once the requisition information is entered into the employment system, print the requisition pages to include with all required documentation for ‘no search’ hires.

5) Route the requisition electronically by selecting “Submit to Employment Team”.

6) The department should deliver all required documentation to Kate Stuckert, the Office of the VP for Human Resources for approval.

7) Once approval is granted by both the VP for Human Resources and the Director of EOAA, email communication will be sent by Kate Stuckert to Employment Team. 

8) Employment Team will then ensure all necessary information is included in the ‘no search’ hire requisition information.

9) Employment Team will inform the hiring department of the ‘no search’ requisition number and QuickLink where the candidate can enter their personal/demographic information.

10) At this point the hiring department should contact the candidate. The department should direct the candidate to enter their personal/demographic information into the employment system using the QuickLink to align them with the ‘no search’ hire requisition.


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