University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Select Finalist(s)

Assess the applicants

Review each applicant on each essential qualification and selection criteria by considering only factual information provided by applicants. Use the same process in comparing the facts presented by each of the applicants against each of the selection criteria.

Identify the final candidate(s)

  • Review the responses and assessments of each applicant
  • Consider any additional information provided on the resume/application.
  • Compare your conclusions with other interviewsers, if applicable
  • If necessary, ask the final candidate(s) to return for a second interview.

Check references and complete pre- employment verifications

Reference checks help you gather information to develop a clear picture of how each candidate behaved in past positions. Note: The official Application for Employment form contains a reference authorization release.

When checking references, record the name of the reference(s) you speak to and his/her position. Note the working relationship with the candidate--was this the candidate's direct supervisor?

Telephone References

To conduct a telephone reference:

  • Identify yourself
  • Give the reason for your call
  • Verify factual information
  • Ask specific job-related questions (prepare about four questions beforehand) and use pauses to encourage the person to provide more information or come up with specific instances.
  • For example:

    "We're thinking of hiring Bob Applicant, and I would like to verify a few facts with you. Bob stated that he worked for you from May 3, 1986 until April 6, 1989 and had only five absences during his employment. Is this correct?"

    "In the position we have available, effective customer service skills are essential. Do you feel that Bob displayed effective customer service skills in your position? Could you provide me with a specific example?"


    "Chris Candidate has applied for a position with our company, and said that you would be able to verify punctuality and attendance. This is a busy office and good attendance is critical. Was Chris punctual and have a good attendance record?"

    "Our position requires experience with various computer software programs such as word processing, spreadsheet, and graphic design. Were these skills needed in Chris's position with your company? If so, do you feel Chris has proficient computer skills?"

Hard Copy References

  1. Mail or fax your reference request when the reference provider is unable or unwilling to provide information over the telephone.
  2. Mail or fax may be preferred by a reference provider in order to respond at a more convenient time.
  3. Keep a copy of the request with the applicant file and remember to follow up by telephone if you have not received a response.

Reviewing Personnel Files

If the candidate is a current University employee, the hiring supervisor can review his/her official personnel file. Contact the Office of Human Resources at 612-625-2000 to make an appointment.

Make a hiring decision

Select the applicant(s) who best meets the selection criteria for the position. You can make a verbal job offer, but it should be followed up with a formal offer letter.