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Office of Human Resources

Procedures for Placing Job Advertisements

Job Advertising Partnership to Assist Hiring Authorities

University of Minnesota has a partnership with The MN Minority Media Coalition (MMMC) and Bayard Advertising (formerly Ludlow Advertising), to provide hiring authorities with media consultants who can help with the placement of employment ads.

The MMMC should be utilized to place targeted diversity advertisements (Asian Pages, The African News Journal, The Circle News, Hmong Times, Insight News, La Prensa, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder, radio, Internet, etc.) and Bayard Advertising, Inc. utilized to place mainstream advertisements (Star Tribune, St. Paul Pioneer Press, suburban publications, Internet, radio, TV, billboards, etc.).

Utilizing the services of both media consultants is FREE. In most cases, they receive their commission from the media, so you are only charged the current line rate for each publication.

When working directly with the Minority Coalition, be sure to mention that the University of Minnesota is a member of the Upper Midwest Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (UMW HERC) and a HERC-wide discount will be applied.

You are encouraged to take advantage of this service to improve the quality, diversity, and quantity of applicants for your vacant positions.

Procedures for Placing Job Advertisements

  1. Contact the MMMC or Bayard Advertising via phone/fax/email with vacancy information (email is preferred), including requisition number, where to apply, equal opportunity statement, and indicating whether the ad will be an in-column or display ad. Also include your phone number and billing address. In addition, if you would like an account string or other accounting number referenced on your invoice, please let your Account Rep know that when you call in your advertising request. For MMMC advertising, indicate that the U of M is a HERC institution and that the HERC discount should apply.

    For many positions you may wish to contact both the MMMC and Bayard Advertising.

  2. Raymond Boyd (Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder) or Jonathan Bush (Bayard) will write the ad. You may also write your own ad or write the majority of the ad and get input from Raymond or Jonathan, if you prefer.

    If you are running a display ad, graphic designers will work on the design of the ad at either location.

  3. Together, the publication(s) and section(s) you want your ad to run in will be determined. This could entail local or national newspapers, Internet advertising, trade journals, or any other media alternatives.
  4. You will receive a copy of the ad with the publication's estimate of cost. Changes to the ad will be made based upon your instructions.
  5. The ad will run in the selected publication(s).
  6. You will receive an invoice and proof of publication(s) the following week from each agency used.

Agency Contacts

MN Minority Media Coalition
MN Spokesman-Recorder Newspaper
3744 Fourth Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55409
Laura Poehlman, Desktop Publisher, Classifieds:
All employment display ads email to:  

Bayard Advertising Agency, Inc.
Gabe Hoffman
Account Coordinator
Bayard Advertising Agency
5775 Wayzata Blvd., Ste. 320
St. Louis Park, MN 55416