University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Promoting a Healthy Workplace

These tips represent ideas from Wellness Program to create a healthier work environment. Additional recommendations from employees and supervisory staff are welcome. Send tips to Feel free to print, post, and distribute this information.

  • Encourage employees to move more! Provide support to staff to use scheduled breaks or lunchtime to walk or be physically active, rest, or get sunshine or fresh air.
  • Suggest a “walking meeting” when meeting one-on-one with a staff member or small employee workgroup.
  • Use staff meetings and other regular communication venues, such as bulletin boards and newsletters, to promote ways to improve employee health, safety, and fitness.
  • Workday activities can require repetitive motion that may lead to discomfort and injury. Learn more at Environmental Health & Safety's Ergonomic Resources about what can be done to relieve symptoms and avoid serious injury; find out how to get a workstation evaluation from a University ergonomic expert and then talk within your workgroup about available resources to remedy the issues.
  • Employees who work on a computer should give hands and wrists a quick break every 30 minutes.
  • Ensure that healthy food and beverage choices are available for meetings and catered events.
  • Foster a culture of wellness within the University community; share your enthusiasm for creating a comprehensive employee wellness program and for the health improvement programs offered by the Wellness Program.
  • Model healthful behaviors. Leadership is the key to an effective work site wellness program.
  • Accommodate employees who express milk during the work day by providing a reasonable break time and an appropriately private space to pump or express milk by following these guidelines.