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Office of Human Resources

The Role of the Employee

Some things that the employee should consider in their own development include seeking a variety of assignments, tackling tough problems and asking for feedback. Coaching is another helpful activity, both in looking for opportunities to coach others and finding good coaches for him or herself. It can help to ask for feedback when working with a variety of people and in a variety of situations. Employees should be looking for developmental relationships that can provide a variety of learning. They can also identify goals for new skills and abilities and then look for ways to meet those goals. It can also be helpful to attend classes and workshops to fill in conceptual needs.

While employee development is critical to the success of an organization, both the employee and the organization must recognize that most of the responsibility for development falls to the employee.

Some things the employee should have and consider when beginning work towards development:

  • Specific goals; identify goals for new skills and look for ways to meet those goals
  • Energy to make the development possible
  • A variety of work assignments
  • Asking for feedback
  • Opportunities to coach others and finding good coaches for him or herself
  • Developmental relationships that provide a variety of learning

Resources for Employees

Employee Career Services offers courses and individual consulting to help employees find their career interests, identify goals, and develop plans for reaching those goals.