University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Reclassification Process & Policies

If you are a Civil Service or Academic Professionals & Administrators (P&A) employee who has gone through your department’s Job Family Study more than six months ago, you can apply for a job reclassification though a new and simplified process. Visit our CS and P&A Reclassification Process & Policies page for details.

All other employees should use the process outlined below.

A job evaluation determines which class is appropriate for a particular job. Positions at the University are classified according to the nature and difficulties of duties and responsibilities assigned to the employees appointed to such positions, and according to comparable jobs at the University.

Reasons for a Reclassification Request

A reclassification request should be submitted when:

  • Substantive changes in the duties and responsibilities of individual positions occur due to changes in organization, work, staffing requirements, or technology.
  • A classification to which a position is assigned is inappropriate or was initially incorrectly classified.

If you are uncertain, you can discuss the options with your Compensation Consultant. You may also want to review job classification descriptions.

Departments and individual employees may request a reclassification. If an employee initiates the request, the request must still go through appropriate channels of approval before it reaches OHR for review.

Sometimes a reclassification request is motivated by the desire to reward a top performer. These efforts are more appropriately recognized through merit or in-range adjustments.

Here are specific reclassification policies for the following units:

Student Positions

Use the following policy, process and form for reclassifications of student positions:

Reclassification Process

The following steps will guide you through the reclassification process:

  1. The employee fills out and signs the JEQ or JRQ form (the type of form determined by the current classification of the position). Note: A JEQ form must be completed for classifications which have point ranges assigned to them.
  2. The JEQ/JRQ form is then submitted to the supervisor.
  3. The supervisor completes the appropriate section(s) of the JEQ/JRQ.
  4. The supervisor signs and submits the JEQ/JRQ to the department head along with:

    • a job description
    • an organizational chart
  5. The department head then submits the following to the dean or vice president for approval:

    • the JEQ/JRQ form
    • the job description
    • the organizational chart
  6. The JEQ/JRQ, job description, and organizational chart are sent to the Compensation Department of the Office of Human Resources.
  7. In Compensation, a compensation analyst will:

    • complete a job evaluation of the position
    • determine the appropriate classification

Once the position has been reviewed and a determination has been made, the reclassification recommendation of the compensation analyst is final and will be implemented unless the decision is appealed by the employee within the required time frame. For specific appeal policies for each employee group, see the reclassification policies listed above.

Required Forms

Below are the guidelines for the forms necessary to classify or reclassify a position.

AFSCME Clerical Unit 6 (18xx) AFSCME Technical Unit 7 (49xx) AFSCME Health Care Unit 4 (5xxx) Teamsters (60xx)
  • JEQ
  • org chart
  • job description
  • JEQ
  • org chart
  • job description
  • JRQ*
  • org chart
  • job description
  • JRQ*
  • org chart
  • job description

* NOTE: A JEQ must be completed for classifications which have point ranges assigned to them.