University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

P&A Preliminary Findings


The P&A working group went through an intensive year-long process that included a comprehensive examination of the current P&A structure and issues and an evaluation of data and information from literature, P&A employees and managers, deans, directors, and other universities. Strategic positioning and new Board of Regents policies are also driving the need for systems and practices that are competitive with top peer universities.

Preliminary Findings

There is an overwhelming need for a basic, transparent structure (with flexibility) to improve the understanding of what the P&A group is, how it works, and to provide career opportunities within colleges and units and across the University. Based on this view, the group's guiding principles and criteria, and research results, preliminary findings suggest that the University should:

Classification Structure and Career Opportunities

  • Improve the classification structure to include defined job families where they don't exist today. Some examples may include IT, Finance, Teaching, and Student Services.
  • Improve and expand career progressions to cover nearly all job families and recognize progressive levels of responsibility and specific competencies.
  • Review the need for an "expert" level professional in some job families.
  • Permit credentialing in lieu of degrees in certain, specific situations.


  • Develop additional programs to better recognize high-performing, long-term employees.
  • Improve the salary range definitions for each classification by providing external and internal market data.
  • Pursue the viability of benefits options that would provide more choice based on individual need.
  • Develop and communicate a measure of the University?s "total rewards" for employees, taking into account salary, benefits, incentives, career opportunities and other variables. Use this measure to check and maintain competitiveness.


  • Clarify OHR and unit HR roles and responsibilities in administering the P&A classification and compensation system.
  • Enhance and improve the consistency of training for HR professionals and supervisors regarding classification and compensation.

Next Steps

The members of the P&A working group have formed subcommittees to review the preliminary findings and recommend strategies for their implementation. The working group will issue final recommendations in the early part of 2008.