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Classification Study

What is the purpose of the Financial Job Classification Study?
The primary purpose of the study is to create new Civil Service classifications for the financial job family. The current financial job family classifications are more than 20 years old and no longer accurately reflect the work being performed. The Compensation Unit is aligning this classification study with the EFS project in order to capture the way the work will be done under the new financial system. An external consultant, Fox, Lawson and Associates, has been hired to analyze the positions and develop the new classification structure.

Positions Included and Gathering Information

How will the consultants conducting the study get information about the jobs included in the study?
Fox Lawson and Associates has designed a Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ) for gathering the position information. Training will be provided on how to complete this form.
How will it be determined which positions require a PDQ?
All of the positions in the new cluster model (P&A, Civil Service and AFSCME) will require completion of a PDQ. Positions outside the cluster models that are classified as Civil Service or P&A and primarily perform finance responsibilities will require completion of a PDQ. The Compensation Unit is working with the appropriate HR person in each unit to identify these positions.
Who will provide current information about what people do in their jobs? Who will be responsible for completing the PDQs?
The EFS Organizational Design Committees will be asked to complete PDQs for positions in the newly formed clusters. Supervisors and employees will complete the PDQ for appropriate positions outside the cluster model.
Will employees be allowed to complete PDQs on work time?
Yes, managers should provide an appropriate amount of work time for completion of the PDQs.
Will an employee have the opportunity to review their position description?
Yes, employees will have the opportunity to review the position description questionnaire for their position.

Important Dates

When will employees find out their new classification?
Employees should expect to learn of their new classification during Fall 2008.

Study Results

What will the new classification structure look like? How many levels do you anticipate will be in the new structure? Will there be different classifications for central accounting positions separate from the colleges and units?
We don't know what the new classification structure will look like yet. These questions will be answered as a result of this study. Our external consultant is responsible for the analysis of the position information gathered on the PDQs and will make recommendations about various structure models. These models will be discussed with senior finance management to obtain their feedback before one is selected.
How is the new classification structure going to affect the current levels in the medical school?
The Financial Classification Grid used to help determine appropriate classification for finance work in the medical school may need to be adjusted or modified based on the new classification structure.
Will people need to reapply for their jobs when the new classifications go into effect?
Employees will not be required to reapply for their jobs as a result of the financial job family classification study.
Will an employee need to serve a new probation if given a new job classification?
Normal Civil Service work rules will apply. When a person is reclassified there is no new probationary period applied.
Will my classification seniority transfer to the new system?

If you are in a current Civil Service Financial Job Family classification (Accountant, Senior Account, Principal Accountant, Fiscal Officer, etc.) and your position maps to one of the new Civil Service Financial Job Family classifications your classification seniority in the old classifications will transfer to the most appropriate classification in the new structure.

Classification seniority in non-financial classifications will not transfer to the new classifications.

Will individuals be able to appeal the new classification decision made for their position?
Yes, employees will be able to appeal the classification decision by following the appeals process for JRQs.

Further Questions?

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