University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Civil Service Classification and Compensation Study Work Group Process

The Civil Service work group is beginning an intensive and comprehensive examination of the current Civil Service employee group by looking at data and information from literature, Civil Service employees and managers, deans and directors, and other universities. Specific research includes:

Training and Backgrounding

The Civil Service Classification and Compensation Study working group comes together with varying levels of knowledge, experience, and skills about classification and compensation. They are a diverse group of individuals who are keenly interested in improving the classification and compensation systems, policies, and practices at the University for Civil Service employees. The team will work together with OHR experts to get everyone on the same page and begin identifying guiding principles.

Fishbone Diagrams

The working group will spend time performing a comprehensive examination of the current classification structure and issues. One way the group will do this is using fishbone diagrams, a tool that offers a systematic way of looking at the identified problem areas and the causes that create or contribute to those problems.

Civil Service Employee and Manager Focus Groups

Beginning in September and continuing through October, randomly selected Civil Service employees will be asked to participate in focus groups. The information gathered from these meetings will be crucial in analyzing the strengths and limitations of the Civil Service classification and compensation systems and work to develop recommended models and philosophies. Approximately 200 employees will participate. Watch for opportunities to provide your input to the group.

Dean and Director Interviews

The Civil Service work group will conduct interviews with deans and directors. The group hopes that the deans and directors can provide insight as to the strengths and weaknesses of the Civil Service classification system as well as ways to maximize efficiency and effectiveness of Civil Service employees.


The Civil Service work group will be conducting benchmarking interviews with appropriate contacts at Big Ten and top ten research universities.

Literature Review

The team conducted a literature review of current classification and compensation trends. The outcome of this work will be a compiling of recommendations by early 2008.