University of Minnesota
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Civil Service Classification and Compensation Study

Civil Service and P&A Classification and Compensation Study – Joint Report Released

The Civil Service Working Group and the P&A Working Group have released a joint report and appendix with recommendations for improving the University's classification and compensation systems. The report is the product of months of research by the working groups, which include representatives from the Civil Service Committee, Council of Academic and Professional Administrators (CAPA), and local and central HR staff.

Study History

Civil Service Classification and Compensation Study was intiated to improve classification and compensation systems, tools, and processes for Civil Service employees. The specific roles of the work group were to: (1) review existing classification and compensation policies and practices; (2) review external and internal best practices; and (3) recommend changes to systems, policies, and practices that will benefit the administration of Civil Service classification and compensation at the University of Minnesota.

This initiative falls under one of the top four improvement areas identified by the People Strategies Task Force to “enhance classification and compensation systems across all job families.” This work will play a role in helping the University become one of the top three public research universities by supporting the president's vision that the “University be known as much for its service and business innovation as it is for its high quality research, education, and outreach.”