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Just in Time Teaching

Our Just in Time Teaching series will resume in October.

This year, we’re offering two types of sessions: stand-alone, practical discussions of timely teaching topics, and a series of four one-hour sessions that take you through the course design process.

We also offer ongoing Just in Time teaching tips here.

Course Design

Course Design: Activities

This workshop took place on Apr. 17, 2013

As instructors how do we choose appropriate activities for the classroom? In this last workshop in the JITT Course Design series, we will discuss how situational factors, learning outcomes, and assessment goals can guide your planning of class sessions that support student learning. We will introduce and describe multiple classroom activities to engage and motivate your students. You will leave this workshop with concrete suggestions that you can apply immediately to your own teaching.

Course Design: Assessment

This workshop took place on Mar. 26 2013

Perhaps the story is familiar. You stay up very late, correcting mid term exams, carefully reading papers - all the while providing lots of thoughtful comments. Then you watch the next week as students flip straight to the back page for the grade. What's up with that?

Join us to explore the unintended ways assessment and grading practices can work against us, costing hours of time while missing opportunities for improved student learning. In this one-hour interactive session we'll discuss practical strategies to make assessment and grading efficient for you and clear and useful for your students.

Teaching Topics

The Art of Hosting Meets the Art of Teaching

This workshop took place on Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting: Conversations that Matter is a facilitation practice that is being used globally. Many of the techniques and activities that comprise this practice can be used in the classroom. Experience the practice and learn about its pedagogical applications in this workshop.

Planning for and Evaluating Student Presentations

This workshop took place on Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2013

Whether you're new to student presentations or just looking for tips to improve their quality, this session will provide an interactive look at this often used assignment. Workshop topics will include strategies for ensuring that groups function well and produce good work, methods for grading group and individual presentations, and techniques for making presentations a learning experience for your students--rather than something to dread.