University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Syllabus Checklist


The following list is based upon the University of Minnesota Faculty Senate Classroom Expectations Guidelines.

Does your syllabus contain the following?

  • Course title
  • Course designator
  • Course number
  • Number of credits
  • Day, time, and place of class meetings
  • Instructor's name
  • Office location
  • Office hours
  • At least one method of contacting you (phone, email, fax)
  • A brief description of the course
  • Required and recommended materials and the location of the materials
  • Course goals, objectives, and expectations
  • Course prerequisites
  • Schedule of assignments, papers, projects, etc.
  • Criteria for grading and grading standards (including the U of MN definition of grades)
  • Make-up exam policy
  • Senate student academic workload policy
  • Statement on accommodations for students with disabilities
  • Statement on classroom conduct
  • Statement on academic misconduct
  • Statement regarding sexual harassment
  • Statement on penalties for late work


Would your students benefit from any of the following?

  • Statement which encourages students to see you outside of class.
  • Description of what the class will be like, including a description of and rationale for your teaching methods.
  • Clear guidelines detailing how students are to prepare for and behave during a class session. (e.g. read the assignments BEFORE class, come on time, participate in discussion, etc.)
  • Statement describing what students can expect from you
  • Description of special procedures or rules for this class (e.g., laboratory rules and procedures)
  • Advice on how to read/approach the materials for this class
  • Advice on how to study for quizzes and exams
  • Specific criteria for each graded assignment
  • Statement on incomplete coursework
  • Statement telling students how to dispute a grade for an assignment or exam
  • Statement regarding extra credit
  • Statement regarding exam re-takes and/or coursework resubmission
  • Information on special services or resources which might be helpful to the students
  • Other information which would help students succeed in this class