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Searching for jobs in academia can be a frustrating or rewarding experience depending on how you approach it. This tutorial is designed to help by presenting a process that has proven successful to academic job searchers across the disciplines.

Support for Developing Dossier Materials

Here you will find recommendations and resources that can help you prepare for the demands of an academic job search as well as tips for creating a job search dossier consisting of a curriculum vitae, a cover letter, a teaching philosophy, and a research statement.

The Academic Interview

At the center of the tutorial is section devoted to the academic interview. The interview is one of the most critical moments of the academic job search. It's a time when you sell not only what you do but who you are. And, of course, it's also when you have the best opportunity to view your potential new colleagues and ask yourself if this is the institution for which you want to work.

Video demonstrations and explanations take you step by step through planning for the interview to conducting it successfully. In the left navigation, you'll see links to six scenes. Select a scene and you'll view a consultant as she introduces the topic. Then view a scene from the interview to see how one candidate responds to the situation. Transcripts of both the consultant's advice and the scene are available on every page and further resources and commonly asked interview questions can be found on separate pages.

We hope you find the material in this online tutorial useful. If you have any comments about this site or any relevant examples or experiences you'd like to share, please tell us. Best of luck in your job search!

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