University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Stand with Us - GLBT Classroom Resources for Faculty

These resources have proven useful to University of Minnesota faculty as they consider the following questions:

How can I mindfully design class discussions (large and small groups) related to "hot topics"?
How might I conscientiously build a positive learning environment for all students, whether or not "hot topics" are part of the course content?
How can I carefully (re)construct strategies and policies based on experiences with disruptive students?
  • "Ground Rules for Class Discussion" draws on Pat Langley's teaching strategies at University of Illinois-Springfield
  • "Disruptive Students" offers specific ideas collected in the Handbook for Graduate Teaching Assistants by the University of Delaware's Center for Teaching Effectiveness
Where can I read more to further explore why and how teaching and learning related to sexuality/sexual identity/GLBT issues, concerns & theory matters within higher education?