University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Managing End of the Semester Stress

Helping Your Students Manage Stress

  • Go over remaining assignments for the course including due dates and how to break the assignments down into manageable chunks. Remind students that the University of Minnesota has an on-line assignment calculator to help them plan and keep them on track.
  • Help students determine what's important so that the will use their study time well. Encourage students to focus their preparation for the exam in useful ways that promote learning.
  • Remind students of academic resources that are available to them including your office hours, any relevant tutoring services such as The SMART Commons, and the U of MN Center for Writing.
  • Remind students of campus resources that can help them cope with stress. The University Counseling and Consulting Services and Boynton Health Services both provide counseling with appointments or on a walk in basis. Boynton Health Services also provides massage and yoga classes for stress relief. You can also link them with websites about handling stress. The Student Academic Success Services offers workshops on stress management. You can also refer them to articles on stress management.
  • If you're behind the schedule you gave students for the course, consider deleting some topics instead of rushing through all unfinished topics. Use the time for review and providing closure. See The Final Class Sessions for additional ideas.

Managing Your Stress

  • Take a deep breath before teaching so that you are "centered." Students, especially the intuitive ones, will pick up on that centeredness. Similarly, if you come in feeling very scattered and stressed out, they will pick up on those vibes.
  • Even at this crazy time of the term, eat well, set aside time for exercise and meditation, and remind yourself of the important things in life. Seek balance!
  • The University services that we mention for students are also available for faculty and staff.