University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Section Syllabus

A "Section Syllabus" is an excellent way to provide practical information about the class and about you as a teaching assistant.

It might include such information as:

  • Contact Information (In addition to your email and phone number, you might consider including your preference for how they should contact you and informaiton about how/when they can expect a response, e.g., "I will usually respond to email requests and questions within 24 hours. I don't check my email after 5pm, so if you're sending a question at midnight, don't expect an answer before class the next day!")
  • Office Hours
  • Description of how the section will be taught (e.g., "Most of our time together will consist of your working in groups to solve problems. I will be ... )
  • Expectation regarding participation
  • Attendance or other policies specific to the section
  • Grading methods
  • Procedures for submitting papers
  • Personal information that you'd like to share with the class