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Preparing for the First Day of Class: Tips for Teaching Assistants

As you are about to begin the semester as a TA at the University of Minnesota, you might have some of the following questions:

How can I learn the details of my job requirements?

When you meet with your supervising faculty member for the first time, bring along a copy of the TA Responsibilities Checklist (pdf) in order to ensure that you find answers to important questions.

What needs to be included on a syllabus?

  • If you are teaching your own class, refer to the University Syllabus Requirements to learn what the U of M requires you to include on your syllabus.
  • The University of Minnesota's Syllabus Tutorial provides examples of each of the required sections for a syllabus.
  • If you are teaching a section of a class, talk with the instructor of records and the other TAs leading sections about whether it would be appropriate and helpful for each section to have a syllabus supplement.

What should I do before I meet the class for the first time?

What needs to be accomplished on the first day of class?

The TA liaison group at the University of Minnesota has created a website with advice and examples you'll find very useful in planning for your first day of class.

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