University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Teaching with Technology

When considering how you might use technology to enhance your teaching, you first need to look at the objectives you have for your students and then think about particular ways that technology can be leveraged to help students meet these objectives.

The Digitial Media Center Web site contains articles, forms reference materials, and information about services and programs that can help you develop, teach with, and evaluate technology-enhanced learning activities and materials.

To learn more about the technical capabilities of your classroom and/or arrange AV rental, contact Classroom Management

The University of Minnesota offers free developer accounts for faculty and qualified graduate students for the course management software WebVista.

The University assigns a staff email account to all instructors and TAs. So it is very possible that you have one or more active accounts at the U of MN. You must therefore arrange to have your mail forwarded to the account that you will be checking regularly (even if a non-umn account). Call the ADCS help-line at 612-301-4357 for account initialization, pass codes, and account forwarding.