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Preparing for the First Day of Class: Tips for Faculty

As you are about to begin the semester, you might have some of the following questions:

How can I learn the details of my teaching assignment?

When you meet with your department chair or head, bring along a copy of the Determining your Teaching Responsibilities checklist (pdf) in order to ensure that you find answers to your questions.

What needs to be included on a syllabus?

Refer to the University Syllabus Requirements to learn what the University requires you to include on your syllabus. The U of M's Syllabus Tutorial provides examples of each of the required sections for a syllabus.

What should I do before I meet the class for the first time?

What needs to be accomplished on the first day of class?

This is indeed one of the most important days of the semester. The article "Quick Before It Dries" by University of Minnesota faculty member Steve Adams provides some useful suggestions.

Other ideas:

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