University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Class Lists and Pictures

Faculty and TAs who are students of record and who are assigned to particular discussion/lab sections (and are responsible for grading, turning in grades for those students) will have access to class lists because they are listed via One Stop as instructors.

When a faculty member who is instructor of record wants to grant TAs access to class lists, there is a route to making this happen, essentially this involves creating a new user id and password to be used for a specific period of time and for specific access. The department incurs a small cost for making this happen. The form to be filled out appears at this URL:

Questions can be directed to the MyReports help line phone and e-mail address: UM Reports User Support Line, 612-626-8812; e-mail for UM Reports User Support,

To access class lists and student pictures, follow these steps:

  • Access Faculty OneStop
  • Click on the Management Reports link
  • Log in
  • Click on Class Lists under the Students and Instruction heading
  • Click on My Classes

Instructors can access student pictures by clicking on the camera icon to the right of each student s name. A student's picture can only be used on a course Web site if the instructor gets written permission from the student.