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The Preparing Future Faculty program, in collaboration with the Graduate School, offers a series of four teaching and job search related workshops per semester. Please feel free to contact for more information.

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Spring 2011

Addressing Student and Faculty Incivility in Higher Education, February 24

Have you seen students arrive late to class, leave early, chat with friends, refuse to participate, or pose a threat to others? How would you accommodate students with significant challenges such as attention deficit disorder, learning disabilities, or psychological problems? Throughout this highly interactive session, participants will apply a repertoire of strategies to manage mildly irritating to serious and dangerous classroom behaviors. Participants will also consider issues of faculty incivility and how to address uncollegial, as well as unethical, behavior. Finally, current campus efforts to identify potential warning signs of crises and promote safety along with academic and personal growth will also be addressed. Note: It is not necessary to have prior teaching experience to attend this workshop.

Presenters: Deb Wingert and Bill Rozaitis