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Through its core course, Teaching in Higher Education, followed by a practicum course, the Preparing Future Faculty Program provides a teaching and learning forum in which participants engage with a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural mix of doctoral candidates and post-doctoral fellows. Participants discuss learning theory and strategies, develop teaching skills, create classroom and job search materials, and work with faculty from a range of institutional types.

The program is sponsored by the University of Minnesota Graduate School. To receive a letter of recognition and certificate of program participation, students complete two core courses: GRAD 8101 and GRAD 8200 "Practicum for Future Faculty." Students may also register for topics courses offered under the GRAD 8200 designation. Some graduate programs may have different requirements for doctoral students participating in this program. Contact the PFF Program coordinator if you have questions.

Goals for Participants

Through PFF, I have learned invaluable teaching skills and gotten oriented to career options in diverse higher education settings.

— Hui Nui Wilcox, from the Community of Scholars Spring 2004 Celebration

Preparing Future Faculty assists participants in developing teaching skills and exploring the faculty role on the college or university level. Our goal is to equip future faculty to:

  • acquire information about the teaching and learning process and faculty role at a variety of institutions of higher education
  • gain a realistic perspective on the skills required for success as a faculty member
  • examine and planfully consider your fit in a teaching career in higher education
  • work with a faculty mentor in a teaching opportunity on a regional college or university campus or at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
  • demonstrate, document, consult, and reflect upon your teaching skills
  • market yourself in competition for faculty or other professional positions

What Difference Does PFF Make?

According to our alumni survey, PFF alums are "quick-starting faculty" with significantly higher levels of job, student, and colleague satisfaction than faculty expressed nationally.

View the Results of the Alumni Survey

PFF Staff

Program Coordinator

Program Instructors

PFF Program Associate

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