University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Language and Teaching Consultations

Consultants are available through the Center for Teaching and Learning to assist international faculty, TAs, researchers and academic staff who want to enhance their language proficiency or discuss strategies for teaching students in the United States. Education specialists with specific training in English as a Second Language and instructional methods respond to consultees' concerns.

Consultations are individualized, confidential, free of charge, and non-evaluative. Consultees may opt for one-time, short-term or on-going sessions.

You may request a consultation by filling out this short Consultation Request Form.

Why Request a Consultation?

Because you:

  • have specific questions and concerns related to teaching and learning within the cultural context of a North American institution of higher education
  • would like to improve your English by working with a trained consultant
  • would appreciate receiving a consultant's perspective on your language and teaching. This may include discussing cultural differences, considering alternative approaches, and expanding your repertoire of teaching strategies
  • seek assistance creating a course syllabus or assessing student learning

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