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Application for Making a Difference Seminar


Which seminar are you applying for?
Your Information

Your Availability

To help in the preliminary work of setting up small groups, please list below (1) two or three days during a typical work week when you would be able to meet; and (2) beside each day you list, please note the times of day - between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. - that you would generally be available to meet for 90 minutes with your small group.

Seminar Goal

What do you hope to gain through your participation in the "Making a Difference" seminar?

Course You Want to Redesign

Briefly describe the main course you would like to (re)design during this seminar, including the following: course title; course department and number; main focus of course, key teaching/learning goals, major assignments/exams.

Impact You Want to Make

Imagine yourself teaching in a perfect situation, where the students will do anything and everything you ask of them. They will read everything and write everything you ask them to. They will do it on time and do it well. Given this idea, what kind of impact would you most like to have on your students? When it is one or two years later, what would you like to be true about students who have taken your courses? What is the distinctive educational impact you would like for your teaching and your courses to have on your students five or ten years after they’ve graduated from college?