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For questions about the program or for further information, please contact Deb Wingert 612-625-3405 or

To register for the Early Career Teaching Program, please complete all portions of this registration click on “Submit” at the end of the form. You will receive confirmation if a position is available for you.

Please note that you should obtain the approval of your department chair or head before registering for the program. You will be asked below to confirm that approval before submitting your registration form.

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As we plan the program, it is extremely helpful to know something about the background of participants with respect to teaching theory and methodology and to understand your goals in joining the program. To assist us in best responding to your needs, please answer the following questions as fully as possible.


What do you hope to gain (and/or contribute to your peers) from this program?


This teaching program is based upon and built around the participants' interests. Please check the topics of most interest to you.

The impact of learning styles on your teaching

Cooperative learning

Enhancing classroom dynamics

Assessment and evaluation strategies

Teaching portfolios and teaching philosophies

Techniques for teaching large groups

Techniques for teaching labs, and seminars

Writing to learn

Infusing intercultural or international content/perspective into the curriculum

Creating an inclusive syllabus

Engaging students with technology

Designing dynamic class sessions

Discussion strategies

Balancing your personal and professional life

Active learning strategies for diverse learners

Experiential learning

Civic learning strategies, e.g. Service learning


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Departmental Approval

Participation in the Early Career Teaching Program requires a commitment of time over the entire academic year. Most departments acknowledge this, as well as the long-term benefits of participation, by reducing departmental service obligations for participants. Most commonly, participants have been relieved from serving on a standing committee. To assist your department in planning for next year and to ensure their support for your commitment, you should discuss your wish to participate with your Department Chair or Head and secure her/his approval for your participation.

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If you do not hear back from us within 48 hours of your registration, please contact Deb Wingert at: