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2011 Program Schedule

The 2011 Quality Fair & Forum was held on February 3, 2011, at the Carlson School of Management. Over 700 people from around the University participated in the event which focused on the theme of “Working Together, Learning from Each Other."

2011 marked the 5th year of Quality Fair & Forum, and although the event was accomplished with a limited budget, it proved its value as a way to showcase the inspiring and creative projects the University community is working on that demonstrate quality, collaboration, and innovation.

Event Highlights

Fair goers — some 700 or more from around the University — attended the tools and breakout sessions, visited the poster displays, networked with colleagues, and snacked on a variety of healthy food options such as apples, bananas, clementines, as well as bars, chips and cookies.

The centerpieces of the program were the 42 posters demonstrating University of Minnesota improvement projects, each with a story far beyond the 2-D depth of the posters. Poster entries included an Employee rewards, recognition, and appreciation study, improvements to office space utilization, environmental sustainability successes at the U, Carlson's classroom to consultant collaboration initiatives, new paperless School of Nursing application processes, business intelligence program implementation, a new dashboard for principal investigators, Student Unions and Activities touch screen directory system, and the Troubadours mobile identity systems. The 2011 Quality Fair & Forum poster winners represented the best quality improvement and collaboration initiatives happening across the University of Minnesota system.

View the 2011 Quality Fair & Forum program (pdf) including poster session descriptions.

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Chancellor Lehmkuhle

Keynote Address

"Hang Together or Hang Separately", Stephen Lehmkuhle, Chancellor, UMR

Dr. Lehmkuhle talked about the urgency for us to work together and learn from each other and how this is not just a good thing to do, but something that we must do it if we are to survive and thrive in the future. He will describe the forces that are changing higher education, the power of networks, the impact of collaborative leadership, and the critical development of a shared vision with all our partners (broadly defined), so that those of us in the education and research business are seen as the solution and not the problem.

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Session Presentations

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