University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Creating Community Solutions through Grassroots Collaboration

Presenters: Eric Schnell, Office for Equity and Diversity; Santiago Fernandez-Gimenez, Academic Support Resources; Susan Geller, School of Social Work; Emily Talley, Sponsored Projects Administration

Session Summary

"Once upon a time there were 5 people in 3 separate University departments, each trying to figure out how to fix a painful problem, and make their work more effective and efficient. Well, one day they got to talking with each other, and lo and behold, they discovered that the root cause of their problems has a lot in common. They got together, decided to collaborate, and..."

Want to hear how the story ends? In this session, you'll spend some time thinking about your own story - What is the underlying problem? How can you engage the University community in finding a solution? When the session ends, you'll be inspired to find collaborative solutions to your problems that will not only help your office, but could help many others at the University!