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Power Plays!
Presented by Stephanie McGovern

Do you want to navigate organizational change, conflict, new projects or career transitions more successfully? Power Play! is the experience of tapping into your own energy and power to achieve what you want, regardless of what is happening “out there”. It is a fun, energizing, innovative way of looking at old problems and patterns; one that lets you find easy ways to take productive action. Together we will explore the fundamentals of power, why we desire and resist power, types of power and personal power strategies.

Stephanie McGovern works with leaders and teams to unleash and align the power and potential of people. She has over 20 years experience creating and maintaining high performing teams, coaching leaders, leading organizational change and increasing employee engagement. She holds a Masters in Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota and a coaching certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, world renowned as a leading training ground in renewal, coaching and leadership. She has passion for helping others use their power to make a positive difference.

Enhance Your Professional Brand with LinkedIn
Presented by Jill Hauwiller
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Are you on LinkedIn? Are you maximizing all this tool has to offer? Whether you are new to LinkedIn or a regular user, this session has something for you. You will learn how to identify your personal brand and maximize this professional networking site to enhance and promote it.

Jill Hauwiller is the Learning and Development Manager at Donaldson Company, where she leads training and leadership development initiatives for people at all levels of the $2B organization. Previously, she spent 4 years as an Associate Director MBA Career Coach at the Carlson School of Management at the University of MN. Before joining CSOM, Jill spent nearly 10 years in the business sector, in increasingly demanding Human Resources roles in several divisions of a Fortune Global 500 company. Jill earned her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication and German from the University of Minnesota-Duluth, and her Master of Arts in Communication from Bethel University, with an emphasis in conflict management.

The Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Your Work
Presented by Rosie Barry
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What impact does your emotional intelligence, as opposed to your cognitive intelligence, have on your work? If you are like most people, you need both emotional and cognitive intelligence to be successful at work. In this session, we will identify some basic elements of emotional intelligence, consider some research on the impact of emotional intelligence on work, and reflect on what you might do with this information. A list of resources to continue your learning about this topic will be provided.

Rosie Barry is the assistant director of Organizational Effectiveness at the University of Minnesota. She works with groups to help them function better, and coaches leaders on their professional development. Team dynamics, emotional intelligence, transition management and strategic planning are some specialties. Rosie holds master’s degrees in Human Resources/Industrial Relations from the University of Minnesota and in Counseling Psychology from the University of St. Thomas and has over 20 years of organizational development experience as both an internal and external consultant in a variety of organizations.

Managing Stress in the Workplace
Presented by Catherine McLaughlin and Beth Somerville
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This break-out session will explore stress and how it can have a positive or negative effect on our health and wellbeing. Included will be an experiential component and simple tips to manage stress.

Catherine McLaughlin has a BAS in Human Services; she works as outreach coordinator at the Center facilitating and coordinating programs (Taking Charge of Your Health Retreats and Purpose Project), events (Ruth Stricker Mind-Body, Ellerbe Becket, etc.), and responds to requests for speakers creating designs for collaborations. Cass has extensive experience in integrative healing practices, mind body skills, yoga and long-term meditation.

Beth Somerville, coordinates the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program at the Center. She has extensive program management experience and holds a bachelor of science with a concentration in holistic health. Currently a graduate student in the University of Minnesota School of Public Health Masters of Healthcare Administration program, she practices finding balance on a daily basis. She volunteers at Pathways as a co-facilitator of Renewing Life.

Assertive Communication: How to Be Minnesota Nice AND Say What You Mean
Presented by Peg Lonnquist
Handout (pdf)

We are powerful communicators. Imagine for a moment what life would be like if we had some easy effective language for handling conflict and human error? How could your relationships be enhanced? Learn skills today for expressing positive and negative ideas and feelings respectfully, and increasing the possibility of finding a mutually satisfying solution where conflict exists.

Peg Lonnquist currently serves as Director of the Women’s Center at the University of Minnesota. Her background includes over 35 years in the fields of education and social justice. Lonnquist completed her doctorate at the University of Minnesota with a focus on women and leadership. Peg’s career includes being program director for the International Girl Guides and Girls Scouts (in México), graduate assistant for the International Women’s Rights Action Watch Project, director of Woodswomen Adventure Travel for Women, and a professor of graduate education at Hamline University. In her current position, Peg works to achieve equity on campus through advocacy for women faculty, staff and students, by increasing strategic collaborations and partnerships, and by providing educational programs and workshops on topics such as women and leadership, how to be outrageous, and leading for equity.

Goal Achievement through Treasure Mapping
Presented by Barb Laporte

This session will introduce you to five steps that will help you:

  • learn to identify and eliminate obstacles that prevent goal achievement
  • begin to realize the importance of appreciating the present moment
  • create your own treasure map
  • affirm your goal
  • accept success

Barbara Laporte is Director of Career Services in the School of Public Health, and has worked at the University of Minnesota since 2001. Her master’s degree is in Human Development from St. Mary’s University, with a concentration on Career / Life Transition Counseling. Her book, Goal Achievement through Treasure Mapping: A Guide to Personal and Professional Fulfillment, won the 2005 Merit Award from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association. Barb has been practicing and teaching treasure mapping for over 20 years.

Surfing the Wave of Change
Presented by Jeff Stafford
Handout (pdf)

The waves of change will keep coming – so let’s prepare ourselves with how to best surf them with style versus being washed away by the current. This session will take a proactive look at how to best manage ourselves in the sea of change. We will use the Wave of Change model, learn 6 steps to handle team negativity during change, increase our Stability Zones, and leave with information to enhance the number one skill in surfing change – ADAPTABILITY. Yes, all of this in 45 minutes – and no prior swimming experience required!

Jeff Stafford, M.S, is a consultant in the Organizational Effectiveness division of the Office of Human Resources. He provides consulting and coaching to individuals and teams on approaches to increase overall effectiveness and performance. He develops and facilitates a number of workshops in the areas of Personal and Professional Development, Supervisory Development, and Career Development.