University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

508.000 Additional Compensation

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus.

508.050 Compensation – Other University Programs.

Compensation for appointments such as Graduate School Summer Research Fellowships shall follow all-University guidelines.

508.100 Summer Session.

The Employer shall pay a Member who holds an appointment which is other than full time for twelve months at a rate of 4% of h/her previous Academic Year's B-base salary per credit assigned during any part of the Summer Session, through a maximum of 8 credits assigned to the same Member in the same Summer Session. Any credits beyond 8 assigned to the same Member in the same Summer Session shall be compensated at the overload rate of 3% of the Member's previous Academic Year's B-base salary for each additional credit assigned. A Member assigned to a team-taught course shall be paid for the credits that are proportional to h/her share of the total instructional responsibility for the course. However, no Member shall be paid more per credit than the maximum salary stipulated in Section 508.104.

508.104 Adjustment of Salary Maximum.

For Summer Session 2013, the maximum salary shall be $2900 per credit, including overloads. For Summer Session 2014 the maximum salary shall be $3000 per credit, including overloads.

508.300 Continuing Education.

During the duration of this Agreement, the Employer shall pay a Member to whom the Employer assigns instructional responsibility for a course which the Employer offers through Continuing Education and for which the Member is not otherwise compensated, the greater of the current Continuing Education rate or three percent (3.0%) of h/her "B" base annual salary for year in question (except for augmentation as provided in Section 507.200) times the number of credit hours which the Employer assigns to the course.

508.320 Continuing Education Courses Cancellation.

Notwithstanding Sections 508.300, the Employer shall not be required to pay a Member for h/her accepting instructional responsibility for such a course if the Employer cancels the offering of the course because the Employer deems the enrollment insufficient.

508.330 Miscellaneous Compensation – Continuing Education.

Compensation for courses offered through Continuing Education for independent study, for the development of courses to be offered through independent study, for the examination and evaluation of student proficiency for the purpose of awarding academic credit, for special program evaluation, for courses offered for credit by radio or television, and for courses for which the Employer does not offer academic credit shall be determined by written mutual agreement of the Member and the Employer. A copy of this mutual agreement shall be provided to the Member and to the Association.

508.400 Overload Pay.

Compensation for overload instructional assignments, if any, pursuant to Sections 250.000, 255.000, and 610.000 of this Agreement shall conform to the Continuing Education compensation rate established in Section 508.300 of this Agreement.

509.000 Retroactivity.

The provisions for this Section 500.000 shall become effective on the respective dates stated in each such provision. If no effective date is stated in a provision, that provision shall become effective when this Agreement is executed or as soon thereafter as possible.

510.000 Legislative Retrenchments.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, the Employer and the Association agree that in the event a compensation retrenchment, including salary or fringe benefits, is intended by an enactment of the State of Minnesota Legislature, the parties shall reopen the negotiation of this Section 500.000 or of Section 540.000, as the case may be.

511.000 Salary Adjustments For Members On Leave

  1. Members who have been or are on a single-semester leave during an academic year shall be eligible for salary or other benefit improvements provided for in this contract for that academic year in which the single-semester leave occurs. The fact that a Member may or will take a single-semester leave in an ensuing academic year shall not qualify that Member's eligibility for salary or other benefit improvements which may or will occur in the ensuing academic year.
  2. Members who are on sabbatical leave or on leave without pay when salary or other benefit improvements are made shall be eligible for such improvements. The Member shall be eligible for the same improvements which have been made across the board to all Members or to the class of Members to which the Member belongs. The said member shall be eligible for salary increases based upon merit. Data from that Member's previous teaching and service activities shall be used. Data from that Member's research activities of the year of leave shall be used.
  3. Members who are unable to update their Academic Record Files due to their medical condition while on an approved Formal Medical Leave as defined in Section 603.200, will receive across-the-board and floor Base Salary Adjustments as provided in Section 501.000 and, upon return from leave, will be permitted to include relevant information in their Academic Record Files for consideration of Merit Adjustments in the year of their return from leave.

512.000 Summer Compensation For Department Heads, Summer, 1993.

The Employer will provide the sum of at least $75,000 to selected Department Heads for non-teaching duties performed during June, July, and August 1993. This sum shall not be included in the aggregate salary base.

513.000 Summer Compensation For Department Heads.

Beginning summer of 1994, the Employer will provide a pool for summer compensation for department heads in an amount equal to the previous summer that is increased by the same percentage as the aggregate salary base increase for the following academic year. These funds will be distributed to selected Department Heads for non-teaching duties performed during the months of June, July, and August. This sum shall not be included in the aggregate salary base.