University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

250.500 Assignments

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus.

250.510 Instructional Assignments.

Course assignments and Member teaching schedules, responsive to student and institutional needs and consistent with Member expertise and needs, shall continue to be developed primarily at the department/program level in consultation with affected faculty; however, actual assignments are the responsibility of the Principal Administrator.

250.520 Subject Assignment.

A Member shall not be assigned to teach in subject areas in which s/he does not possess adequate professional training or expertise.

250.600 Department Heads.

Department and other program heads shall serve at the discretion of the Employer and shall perform such administrative duties as shall be assigned to them. In return for such duties, heads of units with fewer than ten full time equivalent ("FTE") faculty positions shall have their normal annual instructional loads reduced by no less than one-third and those with ten or more FTE faculty positions shall have their normal annual instructional loads reduced by no less than one-half. Greater percentages of reduced load may be stipulated by written agreement between the head and the Principal Administrator.

250.700 Other Instructional Duties.

Each Member shall post a reasonable number of office hours per week at a time convenient for students and shall be available during such hours for the purposes of consultation with students.

250.720 Related Instructional Activities.

Each Member shall devote an adequate amount of time to course and class preparation, to the evaluation of student performance, to student advisement, and to other similar instructional activities.

250.730 Student Advisee Assignment.

. In the absence of compelling reasons to the contrary, the number of advisees in any department/program shall be assigned to Members proportionally.

250.800 Scholarly Activity.

Each Member on a regular appointment shall devote a reasonable amount of time to disciplined inquiry, scholarly activity, or creative activity as appropriate to the promotion and tenure guidelines for h/her appointment. This effort shall be related to h/her area of professional training or expertise.

250.900 Professional Service.

Each Member shall devote a reasonable amount of time to professional service to the institution, the academic discipline and the community.