University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

202.000 Teaching Evaluation

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Duluth campus.

202.100 Member's Evaluations.

In each academic year, a Member shall evaluate each course s/he teaches using the tools in 202.320. The Member may exclude independent study, internship, individualized instruction, and similar courses (e.g. private music lessons, etc.).

202.150 Evaluations for Personnel Actions.

Each Member shall submit the results of at least 50% of h/her teaching evaluations per academic year for the purpose of personnel decisions; e.g. merit salary increases, tenure, promotion. No Member shall be required to submit results of more than 50% of h/her evaluations for the purposes of this Section 202.000. No more than one (1) of the required teaching evaluations placed in the Academic Record File each year may result from peer review.

202.160 Selection of Courses.

The courses for which evaluations are to be completed for personnel decisions each academic year shall be mutually agreed upon by the Member and h/her Department Head no later than September 15. If the Member is a Department Head, the courses shall be mutually agreed upon by the Member and h/her Principal Administrator. Over an appropriate number of years, course evaluations from all courses taught by a Member shall be placed in the Member's Academic Record File.

202.170 Percentage Calculations.

Any fractions resulting from the calculation of the 50% referred to in Section 202.150 shall be rounded up to the nearest whole number, e.g. Member teaching 5 courses -- 50% equals 2.5 courses, submit 3.0 course evaluations for personnel decisions.

202.200 Personnel Files.

Tabulated survey results and peer reviews being submitted for the purpose of personnel decisions shall be forwarded by the Member to the Principal Administrator for inclusion in the Member's Academic Record File. Members may include an analysis/interpretation of their course evaluations with their annual faculty information reports.

202.320 Selection of Tools.

From the approved instruments and protocols each Department shall select a set of evaluation tools and protocols it considers appropriate for its members. Each Member shall choose the specific tools or protocols to be used in h/her course evaluations from the set approved by h/her Department.

202.400 Instructional Improvement.

If, on the basis of the results of evaluations provided by this Section 202.000, a Member requests help in improving h/her instruction, then the Member and the Member's department, programmatic director or other appropriate academic unit head shall jointly agree upon a plan of improvement.