University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

002.000 Definitions

002.100 Terms Used Throughout Agreement.


Terms Used Throughout Agreement. The following terms shall have the following meanings when used in this Agreement:

002.110 Association. "Association" means the University Education Association.

002.120 Certified Unit. "Certified Unit" means the portion of the outstate instructional unit established by the Minnesota Public Employment Labor Relations Act, as amended ("PELRA"), for which the Association has been certified as the exclusive representative by the Director of the Bureau of Mediation Services of the State of Minnesota.

002.130 Employer. "Employer" means the Regents of the University of Minnesota.

002.140 Principal Administrator. "Principal Administrator" means a dean, director or similar principal officer at UMD so designated by the Chancellor. “Principal Administrator” means a department head or similar principal officer at UMC so designated by the Chancellor. A Principal Administrator shall have responsibility and authority as delegated by the Chancellor.

002.150 Member (UMD). "Member" means a Member of the Certified Unit. Members shall include faculty appointed to a Regular Appointment and Non-Regular Appointment (see definitions 002.161 and 002.164) who meet the PELRA employment eligibility requirements of more than 35% time and longer than 67 days per calendar year.

002.160 Faculty Ranks. The faculty ranks are Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor and Instructor.

002.161 Regular Appointment. Appointments to faculty rank which carry Indefinite Tenure or are tenure-track (also called probationary) are called Regular Appointments.

002.162 Indefinite Tenure. The right to continued employment, subject to removal only for one (1) or more of the following reasons:

(a) Cause;

(b) Retirement; or

(c) Layoff, subject to the provisions of Section 280.000 of this Agreement.

002.163 Tenure-track (also called Probationary) Appointment (UMD). An appointment at any faculty rank (see 002.160) leading to a decision concerning Indefinite Tenure within a specified period of time.

002.164 Non-Regular Appointment (UMD). Non-regular appointments to faculty rank are date specific: that is, the appointment terminates at the end of a period specified in the appointment without further notice. A non-regular appointment creates no right or presumption of a right to reappointment or to an appointment with Indefinite Tenure.

002.165 Adjunct, Clinical, Visiting Prefixes to Faculty Rank (UMD). Adjunct, Clinical, and Visiting faculty members hold non-regular appointments. They are not Members of the Certified Unit.