University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

MOU - Distance Education

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus.


Sunset MOU as of May 17th, 2015.

Conditions of employment are included in the form letters of appointment and contracts provided by the Center for Adult Learning.

For courses originating at UMC, the Employer recognizes that the modification of existing courses or the development and delivery of new courses intended to be delivered in whole or in part through ITV may be time consuming. Therefore, instructional work load reduction may be granted by the department head in writing for Members teaching and or developing ITV classes.

When Members teach distance education classes as an overload or during the summer (for 9 month Members), they will be paid on a basis of per credit hour generated with the amount being $65.00/Student Credit hour (SCH) effective with the signing of this contract; effective summer session 2007 this amount will be increased to $67.00/SCH and effective summer session 2008 this amount shall be increased to $69.00/SCH.

E90/Distance Education: When distance education courses are included as part of a Member’s regular load, each student will count as .15 credit for a 3 credit course. For courses with other credits, each student will count as 0.05 credits per credit of the course.