University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

920.000 Health and Safety

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus.

920.100 Intent of the Parties.

Both the Employer and the Association are dedicated to maintaining a safe and healthful working environment for Members. No Member shall be required to perform work under conditions which can reasonably be judged to represent a clear danger to that Member's health and/or safety.

920.200 Employer's Obligation.

The Employer agrees that work space and equipment shall meet the standards set forth by applicable state and federal law regarding health and safety.

920.400 Resolution of Safety Questions (UMC).

The Association and the Employer shall each designate an individual to represent them as safety officers. The Employer shall inform any affected Members of hazardous conditions of which the Employer is reasonably aware. A Member shall report an alleged hazardous condition of which s/he is reasonably aware to h/her immediate supervisor. If the supervisor's response is not satisfactory, the Member shall contact the Association's safety officer. If the Association's safety officer concludes that a Member's complaint is valid, the Association's safety officer shall contact the Employer's safety officer and shall arrange for a joint investigation of the matter. If the two safety officers agree on a recommendation for action, that recommendation shall be forwarded to the Chancellor. If the safety officers disagree on a recommendation or if the Chancellor fails to implement their joint recommendation, the Association may attempt resolution through use of the Grievance Procedure of this Agreement, beginning with Step Two.