University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

520.000 Compensation

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus.

520.100 Aggregate Salary Base.

The Aggregate Salary Base used to calculate available dollars for salary adjustments shall consist of the sum of the previous fiscal year's actual base salary of eligible Members. Eligibility for the following provisions shall be limited to those Members who also were Members during the previous academic year.

521.000 Salary adjustments  

521.110 FY  2013, 2014

Effective the first pay period of FY2013 and FY2014, the Employer shall increase the aggregate salary base for eligible Members by no less than 2.5% and distribute the increase as detailed in 521.115 plus the amount equal to the total costs of promotional adjustments under 521.400.

521.115 Distribution

The base salary adjustment will be distributed as follows:

  1. The first 0.75% increase in aggregate salary base shall be used to increase the previous year’s salary base by an equal dollar amount.
  2. The second 0.75% increase in aggregate salary base shall be used to increase the previous year’s salary base by an equal percentage.
  3. Any additional increase shall be used for merit adjustment.

521.200 Grievability

The employer’s decision to grant or deny any merit adjustment shall be grievable only through step 3 of the grievance procedure provided by this agreement.

521.300 Overload Pay

Compensation for overload pay shall be a minimum of $1,275.00 per credit hour for FY 13 and FY 14.

521.400 Promotions (UMC)

Standard increases for promotion and/or tenure will be awarded in accordance with the University of Minnesota Academic Salary Memo as amended from time to time.

521.500 Floor Adjustments

Following the determination of all previously described adjustments, the Employer annually will ensure that each Member's nine-month appointment base salary in their second contract or after their third year of service, and in all subsequent years, exceeds the following values: Instructor (9404) $27,500; Assistant Professor (9403) $30,000; Associate Professor (9402) $35,000; and Full Professor (9401) $40,000.

521.600 Regent’s Professorships

The employer may elect any member a Regent’s Professor.

521.700 Awards

The employer reserves the authority to grant any member an award.