University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

101.400 University Facilities and Services

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus.

101.411 Bulletin Boards (UMC).

By mutual agreement, one (1) bulletin board shall be designated and labeled to be for Association use. The Association shall be permitted the use of this bulletin board for posting notices pertaining to the conduct of Association affairs.

101.421 Campus Mail Service (UMC).

The Employer shall permit the Association to use the campus mails for the delivery of materials connected with the Association’s conducting its business to its Members. The Association shall pay the Employer the established charge for users of the campus mail service.

101.431 Office Space (UMC).

The Employer shall rent to the Association office space at UMC at the lowest established rental rate for renters on a space available basis, taking into account the Employer's previously scheduled use of space by others.

101.450 Room Use.

The Association shall have the right to use general purpose and meeting rooms for Association business, at reasonable times when such rooms are not otherwise in use, without charge. Reservations for use of rooms shall follow the normal room scheduling procedure.

101.460 Other Facilities, Services and Equipment.

The Employer shall permit the Association to use other facilities, services and equipment to the same extent that the Employer permits other business associations to make use of those facilities, services and equipment. The Association's use of these facilities, services and equipment shall not interfere with the Employer's use of those facilities, services and equipment for its own purposes or with the Employer's previous scheduling of such use by others. The Association shall pay the Employer the lowest established charge for users who pay for the use of those facilities, services, and equipment. However, the Chancellor, or h/her designee, may allow the Association such use free of charge. If such free use is granted on a given occasion it shall not serve as a precedent or confer any right to free use on any subsequent occasion.