University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

1010.000 Discipline

The content of this page applies to UEA employees on the University of Minnesota, Crookston campus.

1010.050 Procedure.

If discipline of a Member is being considered, an investigatory meeting shall be conducted by the appropriate member of the Administration or h/her designee and the following actions shall be taken before any disciplinary action is imposed:

  1. The Member and the Association shall be given a written notice of the incident(s) giving rise to an investigation along with a time and date for the for the meeting.
  2. The investigatory meeting shall be held as soon as possible after receipt of the notice. Present at the meeting shall be representatives from administration, the Member under investigation and an Association representative of the Member’s choosing.
  3. The Member shall have an opportunity to present in writing any facts or evidence s/he feels are relevant to the claims and resulting investigation. The written response must be postmarked within ten calendar days of the meeting.

1010.100 Discipline. 

Upon conclusion of the investigation discipline may be imposed upon a Member for just cause only.

A Member who is to be disciplined has the right to request and have an Association representative present at the meeting when the disciplinary action is taken, except in cases in which a written reprimand is to be sent to a member. After discipline has been imposed the member shall be permitted to provide a written response to the discipline and have it placed in the file.

Any grievance filed because of disciplinary action being imposed shall be initiated at Step Two.