University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 2 Recognition

Section 1. Unit Scope

The University recognizes the Union as the exclusive bargaining representative for employees employed in the following classifications whose employment exceeds the lesser of fourteen (14) hours per week or 35% of the normal work week and who are employed more than sixty-seven (67) working days in any calendar year (as specified in the Bureau of Mediation Services Certification Notice, BMS Case No. 93-PCE-1340, dated June 15, 1993), but excluding undergraduate students, managerial, supervisory, and confidential employees and other employees excluded by Minnesota Statutes, 179A.01 - 179A.30).

Class Number Class Title
4901 Data Processing Technician 1
4902 Data Processing Technician 2
4903 Senior Data Processing Technician
4904 Principal Data Processing Technician
4905 Assistant Child Care Teacher
4906 Junior Applications Programmer
4907 Applications Programmer
4908 Child Care Worker
4909 Child Care Teacher
4910 Program Assistant, 4H
4911 Community Nutrition Educator
4912 Community Program Assistant
4913 Community Health Assistant
4914 Environmental Health and Safety Technician
4915 Senior Environmental Health and Safety Technician
4916 Principal Environmental Health and Safety Technician
4917 Athletic Coaching Assistant
4921 Laboratory Animal Care Technician
4922 Animal Care Technician Specialist/Anesthetist
4925 Laboratory Services Coordinator
4926 Research Plot Technician
4927 Senior Research Plot Technician
4928 Museum Assistant
4929 Museum Preparator
4930 Central Security Monitor
4931 Photographic Laboratory Technician
4932 Principal Photographic Laboratory Technician
4934 Veterinary Technician Assistant
4935 Artist Model
4936 Actor Technician
4938 Production Artist
4939 Art Research Studio Technician
4940 Veterinary Technician
4941 Senior Veterinary Technician
4942 Telecommunications Systems Technician
4943 Telecommunications Service Process Technician
4944 Junior Laboratory Technician
4945 Senior Laboratory Technician
4946 Principal Laboratory Technician
4949 Ophthalmic Technician
4950 Ophthalmic Technologist
4951 Information Technology Specialist  
4959 Production Coordinator, University Press
4961 Engineering Technician
4962 Principal Engineering Assistant
4965 Dispatcher
4967 Communications Technician
4968 Senior Communications Technician
4969 Communications Equipment Specialist
4970 Printing Scheduler
4971 Printing Estimator
4972 Telecommunication Engineering Technician
4974 Telecommunication Systems Engineering Technician
4975 Electronics Technician
4976 Senior Electronics Technician
4978 Digital Equipment Service Specialist
4979 Electromechanical Systems Specialist
4980 Field Services Engineer
4981 Assistant Laboratory Machinist
4982 Laboratory Machinist
4983 Principal Laboratory Machinist
4984 Laboratory Machinist Specialist
4986 Principal Research Shop Foreman
4988 BSAC Operator/Technician
4994 Principal Glassblower
4995 Library Assistant 1
4996 Library Assistant 2
4997 Library Assistant 3
4998 Sign Language Interpreter
4999 Interpreter

Section 2. Disputes

Unresolved disputes over the inclusion or exclusion of new or revised classifications or confidential status shall be referred to the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services for resolution.

Section 3. Exclusive Representation

The University will not assist any other employee and/or labor organization which seeks to bargain over articles covered in this Agreement.