University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 7 Sick Leave

Section 1. Eligibility.

All employees appointed at a designated percentage of 50% time or more, shall be eligible for purposes of this Article.

Section 2. Accrual.

Employees shall begin earning sick leave as they become eligible under the provisions of Section 1 of this Article. Sick leave shall be accrued at the rate of three (3) minutes per hour paid, including regular and overtime hours, to a maximum of eighty (80) hours per pay period. Employees will be furnished with a statement of the amount of accrued sick leave to their credit at the end of a payroll period with their paycheck for that period.

Section 3. Sick Leave Conversion.

Upon reaching four hundred (400) hours accumulation, one quarter (1/4) of any sick leave accumulated thereafter shall be credited to the employee's vacation accumulation as long as the employee maintains his/her sick leave accumulation at four hundred (400) or more hours. The remaining three quarters (3/4) of sick leave accumulated thereafter shall continue to be credited to sick leave. When an accumulation of eight hundred (800) hours sick leave has been reached, one-half (½) of any sick leave accumulated thereafter shall be credited to the employee's vacation accumulation as long as the employee maintains his/her sick leave accumulation at eight hundred (800) or more hours. The remaining one-half (½) of sick leave accumulated thereafter shall continue to be credited to sick leave.

Section 4. Utilization.

An employee shall be granted sick leave with pay to the extent of the employee’s accumulation for absences necessitated by illness, disability, pregnancy, or pregnancy related problems; by necessity for medical, chiropractic, or dental care; or by exposure to contagious disease which endangers the health of other employees, clients, or the public; or by the illness of a spouse, registered same sex domestic partner, minor or dependent children, foster or step children, or parent, or siblings, or significant other, for such reasonable periods as his/her attendance may be necessary. Such leave to arrange for necessary nursing care of members of the family or for the father at the birth or for either parent at the adoption of a child shall be limited to not more than three (3) days of sick leave, although vacation leave may also be granted for such purposes. Natural Mothers may use up to twenty (20) working days of accumulated sick leave in conjunction with the birth of a child which shall not preclude use of vacation leave in lieu of or in addition to such sick leave use. Accumulated sick leave may also be used to supplement Worker's Compensation benefits during any period of lost work time due to compensable illness or injury.

Upon request of the Employer, when the Employer has reasonable cause to believe that an employee has abused or is abusing sick leave, employees utilizing leave under this Article may be required to furnish a statement from a medical practitioner stating that the practitioner finds the employee unable to work due to illness. Requests to furnish a statement from a medical practitioner may be oral or written. Oral requests shall be reduced to writing as soon as practicable. The written requests shall state the reason(s) for the request as well as the period of time that the employee will be required to furnish the statement. If an employee does not bring a medical practitioners statement of illness when requested, the supervisor may deny the use of sick leave. The abuse of sick leave shall constitute just cause for disciplinary action.

Section 5. Requesting Sick Leave.

Whenever practicable, employees shall submit written requests for sick leave, on forms furnished by the Employer, in advance of the period of absence. Supervisors shall respond promptly and shall answer all written requests in writing. When advance notice is not possible, employees shall notify their supervisor by telephone or other means at the earliest opportunity. Because of the personal nature of an illness, it is agreed that while supervisors must be informed of the general nature of an illness, such information shall be used only for administrative purposes. Departments shall post the names and phone numbers of supervisors designated to grant sick leave.

Requests for immediate leaves (i.e., family sickness or death) shall be answered before the end of the shift on which the request is submitted. The Union and the Employer agree that sick leave is a benefit to be used judiciously and should not be abused.

Section 6. Sick Leave Charges.

An employee utilizing sick leave will be charged for only the number of hours he/she is scheduled to work during the period of his/her sick leave. Holidays that occur during sick leave periods will be paid as holiday and not charged as sick leave. If an employee runs out of sick leave, he/she may use accrued vacation or accumulated compensatory time rather than leave of absence. Such use of vacation time shall be in conformance with Section 4 and 5 of this Article.

Section 7. FMLA.

Please refer to the following Web site for the applicable Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) information, and/or contact your supervisor or Human Resources Consultant for a hard copy of the FMLA policies.