University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 3 Union Security

Section 1. Check-off.

The Employer agrees to deduct Union membership dues from the earnings of any employee covered by this Agreement, provided the Union submits to the Employer a written request for such deductions, signed by the employee. Upon submission by the Union of a written request signed by the employee, the Employer also agrees to deduct contributions as part of the total dues deduction to the Union's political action fund, PEOPLE. Such requests must be received by the Employer no later than seven (7) calendar days prior to the end of the payroll period for which the deductions are to be effective. The Employer shall remit the total deductions with an itemized statement of the deductions to the Union as soon as possible.

Section 2. Check-off Cancellation.

Union membership dues deductions for an employee, once authorized, shall continue until the Employer receives a written request from the Union to discontinue such deductions.

Section 3. Exclusivity.

Check-off of Union dues shall be granted only to the exclusive representative for employees covered by this Agreement.

Section 4. Employee Lists.

The Employer shall provide the Local Union with a monthly list organized by classification, providing employees’ names (in alphabetical order) and Administrative Units. The Employer shall provide Council 5 with a bi‑weekly list of employees deleted from or added to the bargaining unit, plus any classification changes within the bargaining unit for each Administrative Unit.

Section 5. Employee Orientation.

The Employer agrees to give all new bargaining unit employees at the time of hire a copy of this Agreement which is to be provided by the Union. The Employer further agrees to furnish all new bargaining unit employees at the time of hire with a letter signed jointly by the Union and the Employer which explains the employee's rights under the Minnesota Public Employment Labor Relations Act. The Business Agent or designated Local Union representative shall be allowed to meet with new bargaining unit employees as a group during the designated lunch break of any central orientation in a scheduled conference facility for the purposes of informing them of the rights, privileges and responsibilities of membership in the Local Union.

Section 6. Indemnification.

The Union agrees to indemnify and save the Employer harmless against all claims that may arise out of or by reason of action by the Employer in reliance upon the "authorization for payroll deductions" specified in this Article, Sections 1 and 2.

Section 7. Bargaining Unit Security.

If restructuring of positions is necessary, the Employer will not reduce the number of full‑time equivalent bargaining unit positions in a manner disproportionate to a reduction in the number of full‑time equivalent student counterpart positions.

The Employer shall notify the Union in writing on a bi‑weekly basis of the hire and the appointment percentage of each student employee hired into student counterpart positions of bargaining unit classifications.

Once each quarter the Human Resources Department will provide the Union with a report which shows the actual hours worked by individual employees in those classifications with bargaining unit counterparts for the six (6) consecutive payroll periods prior to the generation of the report. This report shall include temporary agency employees who have met the definition of “public employee” under Minnesota law. The results will be provided to the Union. Positions which appear to meet bargaining unit status shall be examined to see if hours were worked for any of the following reasons:

  1. Filling in for approved bargaining unit leaves under Article 6, 7, 8, or 9.
  2. Filling in for other student leaves and/or vacancies or previously existing student positions in the work location not to exceed three (3) payroll periods from the date of termination unless unusual recruiting difficulties arise.
  3. Fill in during periods of recruitment not to exceed three (3) payroll periods from the date of termination unless unusual recruiting difficulties arise.

If this evaluation identifies a position that has been consistently used in a manner which would qualify it for bargaining unit status (for other than the above reasons), the Employer shall either move the position(s) into the bargaining unit or reduce the hours worked before the end of the next payroll period.

From each quarterly report the Employer shall calculate the full‑time equivalent (FTE) bargaining unit positions and the full time equivalent student counterpart positions. The Employer will not increase the total number of FTE student counterpart positions in a manner disproportionate to a change in the total number of FTE bargaining unit positions, and that shall be evaluated and adjusted with every other quarterly report.

Section 8. Volunteers.

The purpose of volunteers is to enhance the quality of the time spent at the University by patients and visitors. No job normally performed by bargaining unit employees will be performed by volunteers if this would result in the layoff of a bargaining unit employee or in the Employer choosing not to hire part‑time or full‑time bargaining unit employees.