University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 25 Management Rights

Except as specifically limited by the express written provisions of this Agreement, nothing in the Agreement shall be deemed to limit the Employer in any way in the exercise of its functions of management including, but not limited to, the scheduling of work to determine the number of hours to be worked; the establishment of methods of operation; the promotion and demotion of employees; the establishment of plans for increased efficiency; the determination of the equipment to be utilized and type of service to be given; the right to hire, suspend, or discharge for proper cause; the right to select or employ supervisory employees, including foremen and their assistants; the right to transfer or relieve from duty because of lack of work; the right to assign and delegate work; the right to establish and enforce rules and regulations pertaining to conduct of employees relating to work performance and the determination of employee competency. This Article shall not be used to avoid any of the provisions in this Agreement.