University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 22 Union Rights

Section 1. Union Activities.

A. Officers Activities.

Elected officers whose names have been provided to the Employer on the quarterly list shall have reasonable time off with pay of up to four (4) hours per pay period to conduct union business, with advance notice to their supervisor.

The Local Union President, Vice President and Chief Steward may consult with the Employer or designated representative, concerning enforcement of any provisions of this Agreement, provided permission has been obtained from the employee's immediate supervisor.

B. Stewards Activities.

The Employer agrees that during working hours, on the Employer's premises, a designated Union Steward shall be allowed reasonable time off with pay, which does not unduly interfere with their normal duties to:

  1. Post Union Notices and announcements;
  2. Transmit communication authorized by the Local Union or its officers to the Employer;
  3. Procure grievance related documents from the Employer.

C. Accredited Representatives.

Accredited representatives of AFSCME shall have access to the premises of the Employer at reasonable times during working hours to conduct Union business related to administration of the Agreement as may be required after first informing the supervisor of the unit they wish to visit.

Section 2. Local Union Meeting.

The Employer agrees that Union members may attend the regular monthly Local Union meeting during working hours, after notifying and receiving approval from the employee's immediate supervisor at least forty‑eight (48) hours in advance. Employees may elect to use leave without pay, accumulated vacation time, or accumulated compensatory time to cover such attendance.

Section 3. Labor/Management Meetings.

The Union and the Employer agree to hold, when the parties concur that it is desirable, but at least quarterly, at times mutually agreed to, on the Employer's premises and during normal working hours, a joint labor/management meeting. The Employer's representation at such meetings shall include representatives of the Human Resources Department and heads of the Administrative Units, or their designees, as deemed appropriate by the Employer. The Union's representation at such meetings shall include the Local Union President, the Chief Steward, the Union Business Representative, and up to three (3) additional Union Representatives which may be Union Stewards or employees, as deemed appropriate by the Union. Union representatives shall suffer no loss of pay due to attendance at such meetings. Both parties agree that the purpose of this meeting shall be to improve communications between the Employer and the Union and to solve problems by mutual decisions reached in such labor/management meetings.