University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 2 Recognition

Section 1. Unit Scope.

The Employer recognizes the Union as the sole and exclusive bargaining representative for all employees of the University of Minnesota employed in the following classifications whose employment exceeds the lesser of fourteen (14) hours per week or thirty‑five (35) percent of the normal work week and who are employed more than sixty‑seven (67) working days in any calendar year (as specified in the Bureau of Mediation Services Certification Notice, BMS Case No. 81PR‑213‑A, dated 9/12/80), but excluding students, managerial, supervisory, and confidential employees and other employees excluded by Minnesota Statutes, 179A.01-179A.25).

Class Number Class Title
5001 Admissions Interviewer
5060 Boynton Health Service Central Service Technician
5075 Medical Assistant
5039 Dental Assistant
5038 Dental Assistant Specialist
5065 Dental Ceramic Technician
5066 Dental Hygienist
5067 Dental Prosthetic Technician
5032 Licensed Practical Nurse
5077 Medical Laboratory Technician
5003 Medical Records Technician
5033 Nursing Assistant
5031 Nursing Station Assistant
5045 Outpatient Clinic Assistant
5091 Pharmacy Technician
5064 Senior Hospital Central Services Technician
5035 Senior Nursing Assistant
5070 Specimen Receiving Technician

Section 2. Disputes.

Disputes which may occur over the inclusion or exclusion of new or revised classifications shall be referred to the Minnesota Bureau of Mediation Services for resolution.

Section 3. Aid to Other Organizations.

The Employer will not meet and negotiate or meet and confer with any employee or group of employees who are at the time designated as a member or part of an appropriate employee unit except through the exclusive representative. The Employer will not assist or otherwise encourage any other employee organization which seeks to bargain for employees covered by this Agreement.