University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 17 Subcontracting

Section 1. Notification.

The Employer shall normally notify the Union at least one‑hundred twenty (120) calendar days prior to contracting out or sub‑contracting any work which is currently being done by bargaining unit employees. During this time the Employer shall meet at mutually agreeable times with a Union committee composed of AFSCME Staff Representative(s), the Local Union President, Chief Steward and the Steward(s) from the affected department(s) to discuss employee concerns and consider suggestions or alternatives so as to try and minimize any impact that the contracting out or subcontracting may have on the employee. Subcontracting shall include contracting with another subdivision of the University or other public employer to perform work of bargaining unit classifications.

Section 2. Temporary Subcontracting.

Temporary subcontracting of work for up to thirty (30) calendar days which does not result in layoffs shall not be subject to the provisions of Section 1. If it appears to be necessary to extend the temporary subcontracting beyond thirty (30) calendar days, the Employer agrees to meet with the Union committee specified in Section 1 to discuss employee concerns and consider other alternatives prior to making a final decision on the extension.

Section 3. Relocation of Employees.

The Employer shall notify, in writing, the Union and all employees who may be affected and are potentially subject to layoff due to contracting out or subcontracting of work. During the one‑hundred twenty (120) day notification period, upon request to the appropriate Human Resources Department, the Steward(s) representing the employees in the department(s) affected by subcontracting shall receive copies of all job postings when posted, in addition to normal Union posting notification procedures in Article 13. Employees not successfully relocated by thirty (30) days prior to the subcontracting shall receive layoff notice in accordance with Article 16.