University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 15 Classification of Positions

Section 1. Job Classification.

All positions shall be assigned to a specific classification by the Employer and all positions substantially alike with respect to type, difficulty, and responsibility of work shall be included in the same classification. Class specifications can be found electronically at:

All classification specifications shall include the typical tasks required in the performance of the job.

Section 2. Reclassification of Positions.

If the duties assigned to an individual employee are substantially changed in terms of level of difficulty or responsibility, he/she or the Union may request that the appropriate Human Resources Department initiate a job review of his/her job to determine correct bargaining unit classification for that employee's position. Such requests shall be in writing on forms supplied by the Employer. A copy of all such requests not initiated by the Union shall be provided to the Union. Upon receipt of a properly completed job review form, the appropriate Human Resources Department shall complete a review and render its decision to reclassify or not reclassify the position in writing to the employee, with a copy to the Union, within forty‑five (45) calendar days. When a position is reclassified, the salary of the employee shall be adjusted effective upon the first day of the payroll period after the receipt of the properly completed job review request form by the appropriate Human Resources Department. Salary in the new classification shall be as determined in Article 27, Section 5. Classification seniority in the new classification shall also begin on that date.

Positions which are reclassified, as a result of a job review and/or an organizational change, to existing class titles, shall remain within the scope of the bargaining unit, unless the reclassification constitutes a promotion to an existing classification outside the bargaining unit. If the new classification is established as a result of a reclassification and/or an organizational change and a dispute develops over the inclusion or exclusion of the class(es) in the bargaining unit, the parties agree to resolve the dispute in accordance with Article 2, Section 2, Recognition. However, the employees involved in the dispute shall remain covered by the provisions of this Agreement until a decision is issued by the Bureau of Mediation Services. When any classification not listed in the wage schedule of this Agreement is established, the parties agree to meet and negotiate on the appropriate salary range. If the parties are unable to reach an agreement, the Employer shall designate the rate structure for the classification. The dispute shall be resolved by submittal to arbitration upon the request of either party. The Employer agrees to inform the Union in the event a reclassification of any position results in the position being moved outside the bargaining unit.

Section 3. Appeal of Job Reviews.

Within ten (10) calendar days after receiving notification of the appropriate Human Resources Department's job review decision, the employee may appeal the decision to Article 21, Settlement of Disputes, beginning at Step 3 and continuing through Step 4, if necessary.

Section 4. Limitation of Filing Job Review Requests.

Neither the employee nor the Union may file more than one (1) request within any calendar quarter for a review of the same position on behalf of the same employee.