University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Article 10 Temporary Appointments and Assignments

Section 1. Temporary Appointments.

If a temporary appointment extends beyond three (3) years, the employee shall become permanent without posting the position.

Section 2. Temporary Reassignments.

If it is necessary to reassign an employee from his/her continuing work location to another work location for more than three days, the most senior (university seniority) volunteer among qualified employees who are at work on the work location shall be reassigned. If there are no volunteers, the least senior (university seniority) qualified employee at work on the work location shall be reassigned. Temporary reassignments made in accordance with this section shall not exceed six (6) months in duration.

Employees who are assigned to work with a specific doctor, may be temporarily reassigned, during the doctors absence, if work is not available in the employees continuing work location. Such reassignments shall not exceed 30 days.

In no case shall temporary reassignments be used to avoid the provisions of Article 13.

Section 3. Reassignment in Lieu of Layoff.

The Employer may temporarily reassign employees who would otherwise be laid off or have their appointments terminated, to alternative work for up to three (3) months, if there is an expectation that there will be funding and work that will become available in their regular work location. The Administrative Unit and the Local Union may mutually agree to extend a temporary reassignment.

Section 4. Temporary Training Assignments Across Work Locations.

Training of this type shall be offered in order of classification seniority by work location. If no one in the work location volunteers, training shall be assigned to the least senior (classification seniority) employee who has not had that training. Such training assignments shall not exceed two consecutive weeks per training event.